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When running a business it’s rarely a top priority to familiarize yourself with upcoming legislation, pending environmental regulation, or other legal matters of the sort, but it is of utmost importance that automotive recyclers are not only aware of these issues, but that we do all we can shape our legislative future. The Automotive Recyclers of Michigan and its members are politically active, taking a stand against legislation harmful to our industry and promoting free enterprise and good policies that ensure growth.

ARM retains Kelley Cawthorne, a Lansing based law firm that helps develop and implement a pro-active agenda on legislative, regulatory, and environmental affairs, as well as assist ARM on Association issues, such as PAC activity and anti-trust matters. ARMPAC, or PAC is the Political Action Committee, which accesses and educates key decision makers on issues that affect the Association and the members.

Contributions to the PAC fund cannot be from corporations, so it is challenging to accumulate the funds needed in order to take a stand against damaging legislation. Please consider writing a personal check to ARMPAC in order to preserve the interests of salvage yards in Michigan legislation.

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