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Board of Directors



President: Slater Shroyer, Shroyer Auto Parts
1st Vice President: Gordon Middleton, Middleton Auto Parts
2nd Vice President: Scott Kooienga, Premier Auto & Truck Parts
Secretary/Treasurer: Daniel Gray, Doug’s Auto Recyclers
Immediate Past President: Jayson Doren, Morris Rose Auto Parts
Executive Director: Barbara Utter


Board of Directors

Lance DeKeyser George’s Auto Parts
Ted Dusseau Dusseau Auto Parts
Ron Elenbaas Past President
Stefan Gravis East Bay Auto Parts
Gary Hooper Hooper Auto Recycling
Bernie Milnes Roscommon Auto Recyclers
Glenn Neuner Neuner’s Automotive Recycler, LLC
Christopher Roberge Oil City Auto Parts
Simen Savaya Holbrook Auto Parts
Reed Schram Schram Auto Parts
Dennis Tomes Auto Farm Recycling

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