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About ARM

ARM is a non-profit trade association created in 1972 for the purpose of advancing, advising, and safeguarding the business of persons and firms engaged in the process of reclaiming salvage vehicles for useable repair parts, and the recycling of hulks by shipping them to scrap processors.

ARM currently represents the interests of over 100 direct members and approximately 30 associate members. ARM members set the standard for automotive recycling by operating clean facilities, selling quality parts, and promoting environmentally sound principles in their businesses. ARM’s Michigan Certified Automotive Recycler program has over 40 participating members with all of them currently in full compliance with the program’s standards and protocols. Through meetings, trade shows, and the YardTalk newsletter, ARM members are able to stay informed on the latest practices and the newest technologies and equipment available to the industry.

ARM is an affiliate chapter of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), an internatinal trade association with over 1000 direct members through 40 worldwide Affiliate Chapters. ARA has set industry-wide standards, terms, and codes to create consistent parts descriptions and expectations of quality. ARA represents automotive recylcers at the national level on such issues as mercury disposal, air and water pollution, and solid waste generation. As an affiliate chapter of ARA, ARM promotes many of these nationally accepted programs and practices at the state-wide level.


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