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MICAR Plus Accreditation

Compliance and Verification Procedures

  1. MICAR Certified: MICAR Plus members shall remain certified under the MICAR program sponsored by ARM.
  2. Signed Agreement: MICAR Plus members shall sign the MICAR Plus Agreement.
  3. Display Standards: MICAR Plus members shall post, display, or distribute the MICAR Plus standards to licensed repair or recycling facilities.
  4. Audit: MICAR Plus members shall participate in an biannual audit conducted by the MICAR Program Manager to verify compliance with the standards, review documentation, identify deficiencies and concerns, and obtain on-site guidance. Issues that are not resolved by the Program Manager and member will be referred to ARM/ASA and/or the Arbitration Board.
  5. Complaint Investigation: The MICAR Plus program will establish a procedure that allows licensed repair or recycling customers to file a complaint if they believe that a MICAR Plus member is not complying with the agreed-upon standards. The complaints can be initiated on a downloadable (pdf) complaint form through a link on the ASA and ARM websites.  Initial acknowledgement of the complaint, and notification of the MICAR Plus member, shall be made within two business days. Each complaint shall be reviewed by ARM/ASA and/or the MICAR Program Manager, and referred if necessary, to the Arbitration Board. It is the goal of the program that all conflicts be resolved, and communicated in writing to both the MICAR Plus member and the complainant, within 30 days of the complaint being initiated.
  6. Arbitration Board: An Arbitration Board shall be established to resolve conflicts or disagreements. The Board shall consist of two ASA and two ARM members appointed by their respective Board of Directors, and one member from ASA or ARM, who will rotate positions each calendar year. The Board shall review the information provided by the parties and make decisions at its discretion that are fair and in accordance with the MICAR Plus standards and procedures. Participating ASA and ARM members will be required to abide with the decisions reached by the Arbitration Board.


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